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Ciera cito
Ciera Cito

Hi, my name is Ciara Cito, and I am new to the sport of figure. I first heard about figure in 2008 from a former trainer I had at my local gym.   At this time I was just interested in going to the gym to “get in shape.”

My trainer at the time, Amanda Maddox, had competed in the past and pointed out that I have a great physique for the sport. I had no idea what she was talking about, like I said, “I was just looking to ‘get in shape.’” A few months after that I felt kind of bored with my gym routine and wanted a greater challenge. I decided to ask Amanda a little more about figure competing, which is when she logged me onto the NPC web site and a whole new exciting world opened up to me!

I doubted my ability to be able to change my body into looking the way the Pros of this sport do. Questions ran through my head, like “Can I really do this?” Do I have what it takes to endure the training, the diet, and the pressure?”

Having a sports background in softball, I wasn’t sure if I could stack on enough muscle, and cut enough weight…it was a totally new adventure. However, something inside me said, “Just do it!” And it was on!

I rearranged my whole life to train for my first show, and the shows following it. I left my full time job at a doctor’s office to use my degree in Deaf Education, and became a substitute teacher. I made ends meet by working three different restaurant jobs at night, and in between all four jobs I trained day in and out at the gym.

My first nutritionist, Kevin Hall, took me into my first two shows. I won 1st place of my class at my first competition, San Francisco 2009. I placed 4th in my class at my second show, Sacramento 2009. It was my third show where I won the overall at Contra Costa 2010, where I began using Max Muscle supplements with Ken Tali as my figure coach, and my boyfriend Darren helped keep me on track at the gym, where he helped correct  improper training techniques I acquired throughout the years.

After Contra Costa, my coach at the time, Ken, felt that it would be a good idea to get one more show under my belt before competing in the USA’s, which is when I decided to do Sacramento 2010.

I had a really hard time preparing for this show. My father being sick with cancer, and trying to spend as much time with him as possible, while training for a show, was really tough. Long hours in the gym, and long hours at work made it hard to spend time with him, but I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did. I ended up placing 2nd in my class, and the girl, Jami DeBernard, who won 1st in our class, won the overall.

I continue to use Max Muscle supplements off-season, and especially when I’m in season competing! I love the products and refer as many people to the local store here in Fresno as much as possible.

My next plan of action for this season is the USA in Vegas! All I have to say is “Watch out Vegas cause here I come!”


Age: 29
Birth Place: Pahoa, Hi
Residence: Fresno, Ca

National Figure Competitor

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