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Samantha Shultz

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Early on with my running, I didn't use any supplements. If I raced I used PowerBar Gels or GUs to get me thru the race. Max Muscle Stockton introduced me to a few supplements, which I loved, and now I'm using a great Max Muscle Stack for my training. I use Extinguisher along with FBX for my short run/cardio days, Preworkout and Intra workout. Followed by Cell Drive and Amino Armor for my recovery drink. I find it helps me recover a lot faster, helping to give me energy through out the day also. My long run days I drink EnduroMax Intraworkout. It gives me the energy I need to last in my long runs. I follow it up with Amino Armor and Cell Drive for my recovery drink. On race day, I start out with Extinguisher along with FBX pre and intra run, followed by the EnduroMax intrarun, Post run I drink the Cell Drive with the Amino Armor for my recovery drink. I dont even use the GUs or PowerBar Gels anymore during races. My Max Muscle Supplements give me what I need to power through on a race. I love them. I swear by them. I have managed to take over 10 minutes off my Half Marathon time and improved also on my 5K and 10K times. I'm very impressed with my Max Muscle Stack I use.

Thank you Max Muscle Stockton for helping me out.
-Samantha Shultz

Bella at Race!
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