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James McGhee

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James McGhee has been a dedicated client with Max Muscle San Francisco location for over a year now. To obtain his goals he has been following a very strict diet and workout routine and working closely with Store Manager, Ian Powers, to obtain the best supplement regiment possible, and having a plethora of Max Muscle Muscle supplements in his arsenal.

James has lived a very fit and active life, and was a Navy doctor with the Marines on Okinawa. His health and fitness lifestyle had somewhat slowed over the years, and he was looking to get back on track. A friend had mentioned a body building competition with the “Gay Games” so he decided to turn his fitness around and train to compete in the games.

He started his journey at 195 lbs - 23% body fat and weighed in at the contest at 153 lbs -11% body fat. James took 5th out of 6, in his first competition ever.  (photo on left is how he looked when he began his journey)

He uses the following Max Muscle Supplements including Triple Whey Choc, Max Nitro, Max Bcaatabs, Max Glutamine, Max Kre-Alkalyn, Max XTR, and Max Anabol EXT.

James loves this lifestyle and plans to compete again. He had this to say “It must be working, for everyone is commenting on my gains and my trainer and my gym owners (a married couple, he and ex- national competitor and NPC judge, who is working on her masters pro card) applied the screws to get me to agree to the contest March 26. So, I’m back to the 2 hours of cardio, have currently cut the calories to 2300-2400, and when we switch from mass gaining to fat losing workout mode in January, I will keep my calories in the 1800-2000 range. With luck I’ll make 8% body fat this time, with proper training, diet and my max muscle supplements!”


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