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Jana Wunsch

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My name is Jana Wunsch and I am a busy mother of three.  I am 45 years young and I truly believe that life begins in your 40’s!!  I have been fairly fit for most of my adult years.  I have tried just about everything when it comes to fitness programs but it was time for a change and through word of mouth I met Elite Personal Crossfit trainer, Vince Carter.  I immediately was addicted to his program and began a journey down a path that lead to extreme body transformation and quick results. 

One of the major components to all fitness programs is nutrition.  I wanted to get the most out of my program so I immediately made a trip to Max Muscle Sports Nutrition store to purchase products that would compliment my new lifestyle.  Mark Sarale and his team at the Stockton, Ca location helped me to understand the importance of gaining lean muscle mass and the products used to achieve that and how to recover from extreme workouts.  I have been training for approximately one year and part of that training involves Olympic lifting, which I had never done or had any interest in at all.

Incorporated into the many components of Crossfit, it builds muscle and core strength, I am able to deadlift 205 pounds and clean and jerk 120 pounds.  My body continues to change and I love the way I am able to be incredibly strong and still maintain a feminine physique.  I recently competed in a Crossfit competition for men and women ages 40 – 49.

I completed three brutal workouts in one day in a specified time cap and did them all at prescribed weights.  I could have never done it without the discipline of training every day and proper nutrition.  I drink a Max High 5 shake with Max Glutamine before and after every workout to ensure growth and recovery and it truly makes a difference. 

I am happier and healthier than ever and I owe a huge thank you to my trainer and Max Muscle products for working together to aid in my success.

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