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Teresa A. McMaugh

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 Ladies and Gents-

I am a single Mom of three and at the young age of 46, I thought I would always struggle with my nutrition and my weight until January 2010. I walked into the MaxMuscle store and to my surprise, found people who could not only help me figure out what I should eat and what kind of supplements I needed to improve my health they did it with ease. I started in January 2010 and it’s been a short four months and I am not only in the best shape of my life, I actually have more energy and feel 10 years younger. Everyone at the store is willing to share and help you with any question you have. To those of you who can’t stand the idea of drinking a protein shake I feel your pain, I have never been able to get them past my nose period. With MaxMucle supplements and protein powders its easy and they taste great. Everyone at the store is a Certified Nutritionalist and will fast become your friend with the down to earth guidance and support we all need to improve our health. I have lost almost 27 lbs. and been able to keep my muscle and tone. Doing it the healthy way is the MaxMuscle way. Each person is different and this program is personal to your body needs, which allows you to reach your goal. Max Muscle has been my health advisory-  keeping things simple so I can apply what I need to do to my everyday life. After all, it is a life style change that will last a lifetime. The coolest part is people are asking what I’m doing – and they now say “ You look so healthy” and that’s when I hand them a card from MaxMuscle and tell them don’t wait, go and find the new and improved way to get “HEALTHY!” I have been using the products for four months and love everything – “my stack” is easy and allows me to feel great while I’m losing weight and have the energy to keep going. My goal is to compete and with Max Muscle– I will reach that goal soon, not done yet still more to do. My before picture was taken at my daughters 17th birthday, which was July 14, 2009. My now picture is as of April 25, 2010 – Give your Nutrition to MaxMuscle and THRIVE. They have me for life!

Teresa A. McMaugh

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