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Raymond Fong

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When I reached my 50th birthday last year, I made a commitment to get back in shape and once again compete in the sport of bodybuilding. Even though I had been weight training since I was a teenager, and competed in powerlifting meets in my early 20’s, I did not enter my first bodybuilding competition until I was 40 years old. Although this was a goal that took literally half a lifetime to achieve, I was never completely satisfied with way I looked on stage. Moreover, when I decided to pursue my doctoral degree, my time in the gym took a back seat to attending classes and writing my dissertation. Before my 50th birthday, I was twenty pounds over my contest weight with a body fat content hovering around 18%. Clearly, I needed to get back into the gym to train hard and consistently, change my dietary habits, and take the right nutritional supplements that would help me get back into contest shape. The latter is where the advice I received from Brad and Ian of Max Muscle in San Francisco proved to be invaluable.
Ray Fong

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As with most fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts, training was not an issue as I thrive on working out and being in the gym. I was able to count on my training partner, former NPC Lightweight Mr. California – Paul Mendez to join in with me in the grueling daily 5:00 AM workouts. And fortunately for me, Paul is one of the most disciplined and hard working bodybuilders I know.  Our training schedule was as follows:

Day 1: Quadriceps, hamstrings, calves
Day 2: Chest, triceps, abdominals
Day 3: Upper back, trapezius, lower back
Day 4: Shoulders, triceps, abdominals

In addition, I reverted to the dietary habits that I knew would facilitate fat loss while increasing muscle mass: five meals per day which consisted of low fat protein sources such as chicken breasts, fish, egg whites, or lean beef, along with a serving of vegetables, and a slow-burning carbohydrate in my morning and afternoon meals.

However, with the advent of so many new bodybuilding products, I needed help with figuring out the proper nutritional supplementation program that would get me back into bodybuilding competition condition. When I went to Max Muscle in San Francisco, Brad and Ian helped me approach my pre-contest nutritional regimen from three different perspectives:

1)      In order to bring about fat loss, they had me stack the following Max Muscle products: Liquid Carnitine, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Anabol Cuts.

2)      In order to increase muscle mass and testosterone levels, I supplemented my five meals with two ISO-X Whey Protein drinks, and took Max Muscle ZMA every night before bed.

3)      Finally, to energize my workouts I took Full Blown Extreme before training, and MAX ARM post workout to fuel my recuperation after hard training sessions.

Thanks to the advice and recommendations I received from Brad and Ian, I dropped the twenty excess pounds, lowered my bodyfat percentage to 6 percent, AND at the age of 50, got into the BEST SHAPE OF MY LIFE! As a result, I placed in the top five in my class in each of the three bodybuilding contests I entered: the 2010 NPC San Francisco Bodybuilding Championship, 2010 NPC Paradise Cup Bodybuilding Championship in Honolulu, Hawaii, and most recently, the 2011 NPC Ironman Magazine Naturally contest held in conjunction with the Los Angeles Fitness Expo.

 A big THANKS to Brad and Ian at Max Muscle San Francisco! I could not have done it without them!

 Dr. Raymond Fong, M.A., M.S., Ed.D.

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