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Noah Schuller

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Noah Schuller lives in Calaveras County, attends Calaveras High School, as a junior (Class of 2012). Noah’s passion is in playing football he believes in strong work ethics and has applied learning and maintaining a high GPA in school and has commitment to succeed as a self motivator to achieve his goals.

Football Achievements: In 2005 at age 10 Noah started football in playing center and nose guard positions; he received the team trophy of lineman of the year awarded his first year. In 2006 he again was awarded the J.V. team lineman award and was voted in that year by his peers to MLYAC “All Star Game”.  In 2007 was on the Warriors Football runner-up super bowl team.  In 2008 he started at Calaveras High School on the freshman team as center and linebacker.  In 2009 on the JV Football team for Calaveras High School Noah played as Offensive and Defensive Tackle for the season winning MLL conference team, in 2009 was awarded (Head Coach Award) most improved player then was moved up to Varsity for playoffs. In 2010 he played as a offensive guard and defensive tackle, Calaveras won the Varsity MLL conference and completed the season as runner-up for Sac-Joaquin Section CIF Championship.

Working Hard and Health: In 2009 after football season ended Noah Schuller was weighing 185 lbs and was struggling to gain weight. Then he was informed that a Sports Nutrition group would be speaking to the Calaveras Football team. He and his father attended that meeting and was introduced to MaxMuscle Sports Nutrition regional director Mark Sarale and Manager Matthew Lazaro.  They introduced Noah and the attending athletes to smarter and better methods of eating along with superior supplements available to athletes.  In 2009 Noah Schuller added a key element to his program (MaxMuscle Products).

Lifting Weights and Eating Right: At the start of 2010 football season Noah was at 200lbs had since has continued to gain weight and increased speed, along with improved strength that is seen in workouts.  At 16 years old Noah’s currently  6’3 and around 210-215 lbs and he continues to gain in strength and stamina following a regiment of lifting, healthy eating and using the following Max Muscle Products on a daily basis as recommended; CX3, EFAs Vit-Acell, Gourmet Gainer, Max Nitro EXT and Pure Karbolyn.

Thanks Max Muscle for your great products!

Noah T Schuller

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