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Amir Kolaei

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As an athlete, Max Muscle is my main supplier of supplements and nutritional information due to the fact that the staff are experts in what they do and give it to you straight. Special thanks to Patrick who steered me in the right direction the day i walked in the store. I weighed 170 pounds hoping to get beefed up for the football season coming up and when i told him my goal was to get to 200, he immediatley started working with me to reach my goal. 4 months later I was 200 pounds with very little body fat. The list of supplements that helped me reach my goal were the Carbo max, Triple Whey Protein, And the Big Max 50 weight gainer. The supplements I am currently taking is The Max Arm and High 5 protein. When it comes to supplements and nutrition, I only trust Max Muscle.  Thanks Max muscle
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