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Gary Champagne

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My name is Gary Champagne and I am the owner of Champagne Fitness in Corte Madera.  Champagne Fitness is a private one-on-one personal training studio geared towards elite high school and college athletes engaged in a variety of sports.

I graduated from CAL in 2006 and was not only a rower (crew) for them, but I also rowed for the U.S. National Team twice, in Germany and Lithuania.  This past April I was part of an eight-man shell that won a gold medal and the “Wells Fargo Cup” down at the San Diego Crew Classic, which has been recently televised on ESPNU.  For that race, we set a course record for our event. 

I have been an avid user of Max Muscle products for several years now and accredit much of my success as a muscular endurance athlete to the MM products.  My pre-race nutrition includes two scoops of FBX volumizer along with 5 grams of your HPLC Creatine.  Post-race I will have 40g of your Iso-Extreme along with 5 grams of your Glutamatrix.  I’ll cycle your Max Anabol every two months during my heavier lifting phases of my land training.  Thank you for having such a vast assortment of superior athletic enhancing products.

I purchase all my products from Max Muscle Sports Nutrition of San Rafael, owned by David Mulligan.


Gary Champagne
518 Tamalpais Drive
Corte Madera, CA 94925

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