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Chris Johnston

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(Ryan Lazaro, Max Muscle Trainer & Nutritionist)

The wrong 254 pounds contains A LOT of fat. For me, it was extreme. I had a 46” waist and was at 36% BF. I also had all of the typical symptoms derived from being overweight: lacking energy, becoming breathless if I exerted too much energy on any activity, and the inability to (mentally and physically) perform at the level I knew I was capable of.  I am 5’10” and never thought of myself in the “250+ lbs.” group. When I exceeded the 250 lbs. mark (and was terribly unhealthy), I knew that it was time to take action.  

Initially, self-imposed cardio workouts provided some positive changes, albeit minimal, for a short time. I lost 15 pounds within a couple of months but then quickly hit a plateau and was unable to make significant gains.  I also had ceased to lose body fat and didn’t see further noticeable changes in my body. That is when I decided to take my life and workouts to a different level, to set higher goals for myself and to dedicate myself to reaching far greater results.

I decided to get a professional trainer for my health, nutrition and fitness: Ryan Lazaro at Max Muscle.

Professional trainers have characteristics similar to all professions: there are some trainers who are merely “OK” (generally those just starting out in the profession), “good” professionals (who have trained clients for a while), and, rarely, “outstanding professionals” (who are both personally committed to fitness and nutrition, are dedicated to the continual enhancement of their knowledge, and also motivate their clients about health, clean eating and fitness). I had the advantage and disadvantage of learning from many trainers; all with success. It wasn’t, however, until I signed on with Ryan that I was able to realize unexpected goals.  To compliment the phrase “bigger, faster, stronger”, I would merely add “wiser” (along with “eat, build, rest, grow, (repeat)!”) That is the power, motivation and inspiration that Ryan has provided me in the past year.

While, initially, my workouts with Ryan were extremely difficult to perform, I have gradually grown stronger, more tolerant of the workouts, and, most importantly, began to really enjoy my workouts. Training was no longer a necessary evil; it became a solid way of life.  I am now down to 10% body fat, weigh 190 lbs (after losing 63 pounds, I slowly have been building muscle and solid weight again) and have gained inches in my arms, legs and chest, and lost inches in my waist.  At 50 years old, my new goals are to continue building muscle, increase my weight to 225 pounds, continually lower my bodyfat and to compete in masters divisions.

To my trainer, Ryan, and Max Muscle, I cannot thank you enough. You truly are an inspiration. I highly recommend Ryan and Max Muscle (and MaxMuscle products!) for their vast personal experience; dedication to customized personal training and to the bodybuilding sport; for their motivational, constantly changing personal training programs; and for their outstanding products to compliment my workouts and improve my overall health.

To anyone seeking to reach and surpass their fitness goals, Max Muscle is definitely the partner you want on your team!    

Chris Johnston (

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