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George Ortega

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George has been a customer in Stockton for a number of years.  After years of struggling with his weight George decided to have gastric bypass surgery.  George has gone from 526lbs to a current weight of 205lbs. Even though George had the surgery he has had to start to exercise and watch his diet even more closely.  Having the surgery is not a quick fix you have to be disciplined and want to keep the weight off.   George is off all medications and feels and obviously looks like a different person.  George uses Hi-5 protein due to it being a time released protein and stays in his system for up to 4 hours.  He also uses Vit-Acell.  Vit-Acell is a liquid vitamin by Max Muscle that allows for greater absorption.  George also uses Liquid Egg Whites which he gets at the Stockton Max Muscle Sports Nutrition.  After knowing George for at least 8 years I am truly happy and proud of him.  Keep up the great work George!!!
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